Why My Sites Are Hosted On Ipage: A First Hand Review.

Web Hosting is one of the most important factors that must be considered by any business trying to make it’s way into the online market. It’s important to give the necessary attention in choosing your preferred hosting.

I have been online for a while (over 5 years) and I have been opportune to use about four (4) different hosting companies, my experience with them varies based on what I expected from them. Truth be told, I have mostly been disappointed. For the sake of business integrity, I would not mention names of my previous hosting companies in this post, but I have had a really bad experience from a very popular hosting company.

I was lured into signing up with them, and after the first six (6) months, my site was deactivated, I mailed them and they responded with “Resource Limit Reached” Email! To think the offer I signed up for was termed “unlimited” made it more annoying. My hosting bill was trippled on the term of increasing my resource availability on my hosting package. Well, you guess right, I left for a better hosting.

Now, I am currently hosting five sites (three of which is mine) on ipage, it’s been months now, and all I can say about their service is that; they’ve been the best so far. This post is more of a paid review, but I consider it a fair review because I have been hosting with them, and the post is written based on my personal experience of their service.

I would mention few things I like about Ipage and why I signed up with them in the first instance, after which I would highlight the benefits that comes with hosting on ipage. Read More

Online Jobs In Nigeria: Web Design and Freelance Writing.

Recently I compiled a list of online jobs for students in Nigeria. The compilation is targeted towards students with little extra time in-between classes. I got some request from some of my fans asking me to compile another list for a broader audience.

This post is more like a general concept of my previous post, it would focus more on online jobs in Nigeria, regardless of your age, location and occupation.

There are jobs that can be done online without having any physical office address or a registered company. The beauty of online job is such that; you don’t have to worry about when you resume to work every day; you literally work at your own pace, and to some extent determine how much you earn by the end of the month.

I would write on two of those jobs in today’s post, and write on other jobs in subsequent post.
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Online Jobs For Students in Nigeria

In today’s post, I would share various online jobs for students in Nigeria.

Making money online might be a little bit difficult especially when you’re just starting out and you don’t know where to begin.

This article would give you insights into online jobs for students in Nigeria.

First you must understand that there are various jobs online, but the competition for online job is very fierce, this makes it a little bit difficult to get hired online except you know what you want and where to look at.

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Netflix Nigeria: How to Sign Up and Watch Netflix in Nigeria.

About a week ago; Netflix announced the commencement of it’s operation in Nigeria. To many Nigerians; this is a good news. It does not only means freedom from telemundo (The married folks will understand this better) it also means we can watch block buster movies without wasting money on visiting the cinema.

Netflix Nigeria seems to be the life saver we’ve all been waiting for, because it would create a competitive environment for other online streaming service providers such as IrokoTv and DSTV

Before the official announcement of Netflix Nigeria; the conventional way of latest movies and TV series has always been through downloading from torrent sites months after they’re officially released.

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Jumia Contact: Addresses and Phone Number.

Jumia claims to be Nigeria’s number one online retailer, a claim which is not far from the truth. They’re in fierce competition with konga, and they seems to be growing everyday.

Just in case you’ve made a purchase on jumia and there is a need to contact jumia about your item, this post is written specifically to share jumia contact details with you.

Jumia Contact Address:

This is the address of their main office located in Lagos Nigeria.

15, Wole Olateju Crescent,
Lekki Phase I,
Ibeju Lekki
Lagos, Nigeria.

Jumia Contact Number:
1. 01-460-4400

2. 0700600000 (if you’re calling outside the country remember to add +234 before the first (0))

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Football Viewing Center: Startup Guide.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to start a football viewing center in Nigeria.

Thinking of making money as a student in Nigeria? This is the perfect business idea for you.

Although there are various ways of making money online, some people prefer the offline method because they don’t have to face the struggle of explaining what they do online to people everyday.

Another benefit of offline business is that ability to access loans from friends and financial institution. Imagine how awkward it would be for ask your friend to borrow you some money to start a blog…huh? First, you’d have to explain what a blog means, then explain how Google was invented, then how Mary met Joseph and gave birth to Jesus…lol.

Now, let’s get the the real thing…

If you don’t like explaining what you do to people everyday, then starting a football viewing center as an offline business might be the right choice of business for you.

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How To Sell On Jumia: Ultimate Guide.

Ecommerce is the latest gist in town. A lot of Nigerians now prefer to buy things online rather than doing it the traditional way.

This post is targeted specifically towards sellers, and small business owners; especially those that are into the importation business.

Do you know you can advertise your goods to over four (4) million Nigerians monthly by taking advantage of Jumia Marketplace?

Jumia is one of the leading ecommerce store in Nigeria, they’re gradually becoming an household name, which means they’re very popular within the country.

Jumia offers vendors an opportunity to create an online store on their website. The market place serves as a platform where sellers can list their goods for sales while they relax and let jumia handle the rest.

All you have to do is earn revenue from your sales at the end of the month. Cool huh? Here is how to sell on jumia

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Online Shopping in Nigeria: Doing It The Right Way.

Ecommerce has grown tremendously in Nigeria in the past five (5) years, as a result of  this growth, there are various online shopping sites in Nigeria, and online shopping in Nigeria has taken a whole new dimension.

The most interesting development in the ecommerce market in Nigeria is the introduction of payment of delivery options on most ecommerce stores.

The pay on delivery option does not only increase Nigerians trust in Ecommerce, it also provide an avenue to see what you’re buying before making payment.

Although the number of reported fraud in the Nigeria ecommerce is not alarming as compared to other developed countries with cases of credit card fraud, it’s important to keep some safety measures in place when doing online shopping in Nigeria.

Here are safety measures to keep you safe when shopping online in Nigeria.

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List Of Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria.

Here is a comprehensive list of online shopping sites in Nigeria.

Online shopping is not just the easiest way to buy things right now, it’s one of the best way to check out various items and compare them before making your choice.

Shopping online in Nigeria has grown tremendously over the years and as a result a larger percentage of Nigerians now buy their desired electronic and fashion items online.

I have compiled a list of online shopping sites in Nigeria and hopefully, you’d find it resourceful.

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20 Lucrative Business in Nigeria.

There are numerous list of lucrative business in Nigeria, but this compilation is completely different from the ones you’ve been reading. The difference between my articles on lucrative business in Nigeria is that, most of the businesses listed here are thriving businesses.

They’ve been done by several Nigerians and they’ve proven to be a very successful investment over time. These businesses are often overlooked by Nigerians, but the few that invest their time and money into it earn numerous profits from it.

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