How To Sell On Jumia: Ultimate Guide.


Ecommerce is the latest gist in town. A lot of Nigerians now prefer to buy things online rather than doing it the traditional way.

This post is targeted specifically towards sellers, and small business owners; especially those that are into the importation business.

Do you know you can advertise your goods to over four (4) million Nigerians monthly by taking advantage of Jumia Marketplace?

Jumia is one of the leading ecommerce store in Nigeria, they’re gradually becoming an household name, which means they’re very popular within the country.

Jumia offers vendors an opportunity to create an online store on their website. The market place serves as a platform where sellers can list their goods for sales while they relax and let jumia handle the rest.

All you have to do is earn revenue from your sales at the end of the month. Cool huh? Here is how to sell on jumia


Selling on Jumia is a six (6) step process. Surprisingly; Jumia handle five (5) of the processes while you only handle one (1)! This makes life very easy for vendors as you don’t have to worry about handling customer support, keeping sites online, handling delivery and other stressful events that comes with selling goods online.

#1. Sign Up:

To sell you product on Jumia, you are required to sign up as a vendor.

Once the registration process is completed, you would have access to a vendor area (more like the back end of your own store) where you can upload your product and begin to sell on Jumia.

Jumia also offers a free training course for new vendors (it’s not mandatory). They provide as contact line for vendors, incase there is an urgent need to communicate with them. (07006000000)

#2. Making Sales:

Once your store is up and running, Jumia would do it’s own part by directing the right audience to your store. It’s a simple as that.

You can also promote your store through social media, it all depends on what you want.

After setting up your store, the next thing to do is wait for your first order. It might be within minutes of setting up your store, it might be longer than that, it all depends on your product niche.

Jumia allows you to control your prize product thorough the seller center. For the seller center, you can update your product information and other vital details about your product.

#3. Jumia Warehouse:

This is the only part where you make offline effort to satisfy your customer.

Once you recieve an order on your store, and Jumia verifies that you have the goods, then you would be notified by Jumia to deliver the product ordered to the nearest Jumia Warehouse where it would be shipped to your buyer.

You’re expected to package and deliver your goods to Jumia warehouse within 24hours of recieving the order notification.

#4. Delivery:

This is the 4th stage of the process. Once your item gets to Jumia warehouse, Jumia is incharge of handling the delivery to your customer.

They would ship the product to your customer’s shipping address.

#5. Customer Care:

You don’t have to handle customer care service; Jumia does that.

They attend to your customer on your behalf and sort out issues arising from the ordering process. Isn’t that great?


#1. Brand Trust:

Jumia has been around for a while now, it’s a brand that people trust, which means they would rather buy their items on Jumia than any other unknown website.

Jumia gives you the platform to use their name as the front door label for customers.

It’s just like getting a franchise licence for Mr Biggs or Tantalizer.

#2. Reach:

Jumia Nigeria boost of over four (4) million visitors every month, search the website for items to buy.

You would agree with me that it’s one of the largest ecommerce website in Nigeria.

It basically gives you th opportunity to advertise your goods to four (4) million prospective buyers every month.

#3. No Limit:

Jumia allows you to list as much product as you want in their market place. You don’t have to worry about listing fees, store maintenance fee and other unprecedented expenses.

#4. Less Hassle:

It’s as easy as that.

Sign up, upload your product, take the item to the nearest Jumia warehouse when you receive order notification.

How easy could selling online get?

Other Information about selling on Jumia.

1. It takes less than ten (10) minutes to sign up as a vendor on Jumia

2. The minimum number of product you can upload is five (5)

3. You get paid directly into your bank account after seven (7) days of delivery to your customer.

4. You pay a standidized commission for each product category. You are also expected to cover the shipping charged; as a result, it’s advisable that you calculate the cost of shipping when setting a price for your product.

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