Goat Farming in Nigeria: How To Get Started.

goat farming in nigeria

Goat farming in nigeria is another form of agro business that holds a good potential source of income for a farm investor. Just like poultry farming and fish farming when goat is done on a large scale it is a viable source of income for investors. Goat farming is the large scale practice of rearing various breeds of goat for commercial purposes.

Goat farming can be established for a lot of reasons. The purposes of rearing goat can include any or all of the following: milk production, meat and fiber. The purpose of your goat farming will determine the choice of goat breeds you would rear.

Opportunities in Goat Farming

1). Goat Meat Production:

Goat meat is of high demand in Nigeria. A huge number of Nigerians cannot do without eating the goat meat pepper soup in a day or the popular “isi ewu” dish.

It is the delight of many both at home, in the work places, restaurants, parties, and in a lot of other occasions and places. Majority of Nigerians prefer goat meat to chicken meat.

The most commonly raised breed of goat for household consumption in Nigeria is the Nigerian dwarf goat. This is mostly reared by a lot of households in the south-south and south-eastern part of Nigeria for personal consumption and for sale in the local markets.

2). Good rearing for Dairy Production:

Goat can be reared for the purpose of obtaining dairy products like yoghurt, milk, cheese, butter and a lot more. Rearing goat for dairy production although it is not very popular in Nigeria is a good source of income for farmers in other countries of the world.

Why you need to consider investing in goat farming business

  • Goat farming in nigeria is easier than poultry farming
  • When it is invested in at an appropriate scale, it provides a good source of employment.
  • It provides a good source of animal protein
  • It requires only moderate start-up capital.
  • It is not labor intensive
  • It provides a good source of manure for plant farming
  • It is suitable in almost all type of weather.
  • Thus, Goat can be grown both in the northern and southern part of the country.
  • You can comfortably merge goat farming with cattle rearing.
  • Goats can serves as a great export product.

 Types Of Goat Breeds

Nigerian Dwarf Goat:

This is the most common Nigerian goat breed. It can serve the purpose of meat production and also be reared for diary production.

The Nigerian Dwarf Goat is best breed of goat for diary production. However, Nigerians love to use it in the preparation of a lot of dish like pepper soup and other to other African dishes and cuisines.

Despite the small size of the Nigerian Dwarf Goats, they can manufacture three to four pounds of milk every day. They produce roughly 6.1 percent of butterfat. It is laborious to milk them but they can be reared any time of the year

The Nubian Goat 

The Nubian goat is also known as anglo-nubian goat. They are large sized and lovely. They have Roman nose and long ears that are in pendulum form.  They are cross breed of Indian and African bucks. They produce roughly 4.6 percent of butter fat. They reproduce seasonally and can be reared any time of the year.

The Lamancha Goat

This goat breed is common in the US. However, they originated from Spain. They are very strong, robust and friendly goat breed. They are mostly reared for diary production. They are easy to milk. They are of a medium size and have small ears of either gopher or elf ears.

Alpine Goat 

These breed of goat is also known as the “French Alpines” because they initially originated in the Alps. They are commonly found in the US. They are one of the best goats for diary production. Their milk is made up of roughly 3.5 percent of butterfat. 

Oberhasli Goat 

This goat breed is a medium-sized goat as well referred to as the “swiss alpine”. They are not grown at all times of the year. They produce milk with roughly 3.6 percent butterfat.

Boer Goat

The boer goat breed has hanging ear and roman nose and are mostly grown in South Africa. Their horns are curved backward. This goat breed can only breed in September and close to the end of January.

Goat feed

Goats eat a good numbers of animal feed but they will not eat any animal feed that has been messed up either by them or other animals.

Steps you need to follow to set up a goat farm in Nigeria

  • Acquire a suitable plot of land
  • Fence the chosen land area with coated barbwires to prevent the goats from wandering off
  • Build a goat barn to shelter your pen from harsh atmospheric condition.
  • Get a good breed of goat depending on your reason for the farm
  • Maintain constant Appointment with a qualified Veterinary Doctor


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