Pig Farming in Nigeria: Complete Guide For Beginners.

pig farming in nigeria

Pig farming in nigeria is a lucrative because pork meat is in high demand in the Nigerian market and also due to the fact that pig reproduce quickly and in great number. Pig farming is also referred to as piggery. One pig can reproduce roughly fifteen piglets at a time. Pig is, thus, the top world’s reproductive active livestock.

Despite the money spinning ability of the pig farming it is not widely known in Nigeria and a few farmers who engage in pig farming are smiling daily to their banks. If you are looking for a viable agro investment, pig farming may be a good place to start. We have provided in this article guidelines on how to set up your own pig farming in Nigeria.

Why you need to consider pig farming as an agro investor

Owing a piggery in Nigeria is attached with a lot of benefits. First it is highly in demand, secondly, it is an aspect of livestock rearing that is not widely pursued by Nigerian farmers.

Thus, a few farmers in the business are banking money that will feed them and their generations to come. See other benefits you stand to gain by engaging in this type of farm below:

  • Pigs reproduce faster and in a larger number than any other livestock in the world.
  • The growth rate of pigs is faster than other common livestock like cow or goats.
  •  Pigs can survive and even reproduce more on cheaper food sources like rice bran from breweries, roughage, kitchen garbage and agricultural waste.
  • Rearing pigs does not require a huge capital investment. Although this depends on the size of the farm you want to establish.
  • Pork meat is a source of valuable protein which is essential for proper and normal functioning of the body system
  • A sow commonly reproduces two times every year and at each reproduction period with roughly fifteen piglets. The gestation period of pigs is only 115 days. This makes it easy for a farmer to move from scale pig farming to large scale farming within a short period of time.
  • The climatic condition of Nigeria is favorable for pig farming.
  • Pig farming in Nigeria is a very lucrative business which ensures great ROI (Return of Investment within a short space of time.

Pig Farming in Nigeria: What You Need 

Secure a good site

You need a suitable plot of land to be able to engage in pig farming in Nigeria. The plot of the land you want to acquire will depend on the size of the farm you want to establish. The greater the number of pigs you plan to rear, the more the size of the land you will need to acquire.

When you have secured your land, divide the land into different plots. The different plots will ensure that pigs of roughly the same age mate are raised up together. If you are rearing indoors, divide the pen into different rooms.

Piggery should be established far from residential areas because of the smelly nature of the farm.

The choice of the location to establish your piggery will be determined by the following:

  • The area has to be close to the market
  • It has to be established close to a good source of water for cleaning and sanitation purposes.
  • The land must be far from residential places and with a good road network to and fro the farm.
  • The selected area will be very near to the market.
  • The proximity of the farm to the required sources of food has to be taken into consideration.
  • Easy access to veterinary service must be considered.

Choice of breeds
After choosing a suitable farm land, it is significant to choose the right breed. The breed of your pig to a great extent determines your profitability.

It is better to purchase local and hybrid piglets. If you are going for commercial crossbreed, try to buy crossbreed of exotic and local breeds.

These types of crossbreed pigs eat more food and grow faster and healthier than other breeds of pigs.


Pigs can be raised both indoors and outdoors


Your pigs need good quality food to be able to grow well and be free of diseases. They feed on things like roughage, kitchen garbage, and agricultural waste, grain stalk from breweries, grains, meat, cooked table scraps, rice and vegetables. You need to feed your pigs two times a day.


When your pigs give birth and the piglets mature, you can sell them both in the local and international market. Pork meat is a popular meat globally with China as the world’s largest consumer of pork meat.


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