Poultry Farming in Nigeria: What You Should Know

poultry farming in nigeria

Poultry Farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative farming ventures you can engage in Nigeria. Nigerian fish farmers are currently not able to produce sufficient amount of chicken to satisfy the Market. The farming sector thus holds a viable opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to invest in large scale Agriculture.

There are a lot of untapped potential in the poultry sector. It has a ready market both for the chicken and the egg including the feed production and distribution. Poultry farming can be done either in small scale or large scale. It is recommended that you start small to gain experience and then grow from there. However, your profit margin is higher with large scale rearing than the small scale rearing.

Poultry rearing is a fast source of income for agricultural investors because of the short period of maturity. It takes only two to three months to grow your chicken to table size although some brands like layers and cockerel take longer time to mature.

What you need to establish a poultry farm

Choose the type of bird that you want to rear

Goose, chicken, turkey and duck are the types of birds that are commonly reared in Nigeria but chicken is the most commonly reared type. Chickens that are reared for agricultural purposes are of different types. These include layers, broilers and cockerel.

Decide on the type of the chicken you want to rear

Although you can engage in all type of chicken poultry farming, it is better to star with a specific type and when you have established on that aspect of poultry farming, you can switch to other forms of fish farming. Your choice of chicken type to rear depends on your purpose of going into the business; whether you want to rear chicken for egg or for meat. You can decide to go into any of the following aspect of poultry farming:

  • Layers rearing this is mainly for the purpose of egg production
  • Broilers rearing. This is mostly reared for meat production.
  • This aspect of poultry farming deals with breeding chicken to hatch baby chicks
  • Poultry feed. This aspect of poultry farming deals with the production of poultry feeds.
  • You may choose to Breed Layers and Broilers at a time or one of them. Hatchery is better done independently just like feed production. So, you choose your area of focus

Decide on a suitable location

Your poultry site will determine greatly the startup cost. It is better to get a location that is in a remote place to reduce cost. It is also more suitable as government is opposed to establishment of a poultry farm close to residential buildings or in urban area.


Start up capital

Your startup capital will be determined by the size of the poultry farm you want to run. The cost of chicks fluctuates roughly from 150 naira to 300 naira for one day old chick. The cost depends on the season.

Festivity periods like Christmas, Easter and Salah. A bag of chicken feed cost roughly 3000 naira depending on the brand. It is better to conduct a survey by visiting a nearest poultry farm and checking the current price of day old chick to enable you estimate properly to cost of setting up your farm.

That’s the basic things you need to know about poultry farming in Nigeria, it’s advisable that you conduct a proper feasibility studies before you venture into the business fully.